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Fish Games
Fishenoid 2 Fishenoid 2
A mix of Arkanoid action with a fishing related theme. Your task is to break open fishes t...
Fishdom 3 Fishdom 3
Build your very own aquarium by earning cash and buying fishes, decorations etc. Also keep...
The Fishermans Wrath The Fishermans Wrath
As a prehistoric fisherman with only a pointy stick for spear fishing you must rely on cun...
Pour The Fish Pour The Fish
Our poor little fish got sucked into the tubes, you must keep it alive by pouring water on...
Icy Fishes Icy Fishes
Feed the octopus by cracking the fishes out of the icy encasement. Use explosive which can...
Evolvo Evolvo
Swim around eat smaller fish, grow and choose to evolve new abilities that helps you survi...
Deep Sea Hunter Deep Sea Hunter
Dive the deep seas to hunt for treasure and fish in your fully upgradeable mini sub. Prowl...
Shark Games
Feed Us 5 Feed Us 5
Escape from the aquarium and enter idyllic local water holes to prey on unsuspecting holid...
Medieval Shark Medieval Shark
Sharky has gone medieval this time round with the executioner axe, help it take down castl...
Feed Us 4 Feed Us 4
Continue on the feeding frenzy playing as a bloodthirsty piranha fish hunting in the tropi...
NewYork Shark NewYork Shark
Our friendly Shark continues its journey and a quick tour of NewYork is on the list. Help ...
Feed Us 2 Feed Us 2
Bad news, Piranhas are back prowling the bayou for fresh kill to feed upon. Good news, you...
Feed Us Feed Us
Play as a Piranha and go on a feeding frenzy preying on unsuspecting people boating or fis...
Paranormal Shark Activity Paranormal Shark Activity
Run!! cause the gigantic shark in this game is determined to make a meal out of you. TBH t...
Water Games
Aqua Boy Aqua Boy
Explore the deep seas with epic bosses to battle and powerful treasures to salvage as Aqua...
Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral
Attack small ships and build up an formidable armada from your humble beginnings to wrest ...
Subs Away Subs Away
Dive down deep into the oceanic trench to retrive sunken treasures in a small submersible ...
BlackBeard Down BlackBeard Down
Choose to back the notorious pirate BlackBeard or the US Navy as they engage in naval comb...
Raft Wars 2 Raft Wars 2
Our hero and his baby brother epic battles aboard their trusty raft continues with this 2n...
Pirates of Stupid Seas Pirates of Stupid Seas
Sail the high seas as a pirate and attack commerce ship laden with rich gold or stupid tre...
The Aquatory The Aquatory
Command the submarine hunter and use pin missiles, depth charges, guided torpedoes and min...
Fishing Games
Super Fishing Super Fishing
Go fishing for a huge variety of fishes using a superb vast array of fishing gears, baits,...
Go Fishing Go Fishing
Relax and have a quite time with this simple fishing game if you can't go fishing for...
Blow Fishing Blow Fishing
Grab your dynamite and go fishing. Get the needed quantity of fish in each level to procee...
Catch 51 Catch 51
You're an FBI agent assigned to investigating UFO claims. As luck would have it you s...
xStream Fishing xStream Fishing
Grab your rods and the worm baits cause its time for some hardcore X-treme!! stream (or oc...
Harpoon Lagoon Harpoon Lagoon
Sail along the lagoon with your harpoon for fishing and try to spear as many fishes as you...
Fisherboy Fisherboy
Get on you snorkel and dive into the sea. Use your fishing harpoon and catch as many fishe...

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